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My name is Lovetta. I am a retired registered nurse. Health and well-being has always been a life long interest for me. In nurses’ training, I learned anatomy, physiology, disease processes, treatments, care for patients, assessments, evaluations and more. Direct work caring for patients taught me the importance for them to be responsibility for their well-being. I made it my mission to instruct and encourage patients to be proactive in their recovery or rehabilitation. Throughout my career, I’ve always placed the highest value on the patients, their needs and I did everything I could to make them whole again. That has not changed.

My Nursing Career

During my career, I always enjoyed direct patient care and teaching patients, family and caregivers care and maintenance for many conditions. In my youth, I worked in critical care and trauma units in major hospitals. The excitement of traumas being treated could be exhilarating and fulfilling. Monitoring patients through their recoveries was exacting and diligent work. Consoling, supporting and assuring families always, caused me to feel genuine value for all I did for their loved one. It was an important and an eloquent task. In later years, I chose to work in the home health industry. This venue allowed the one-to-one contact with patients I enjoyed. I recall; most gratifying moments of appreciation, smiles, joy and sighs of relief from patients and family members who learned how to support and/or administer care. Management of chronic illnesses can be a daunting task. I observed patients with diabetes, hypertension, urinary incontinence or skin care needs learn management and develop the confidence to become independent. Post surgery patients healed with the ability to resume daily activities. Many family members and caregivers developed the assurance, essential to managing care for an elderly person living with urinary or bowel incontinence. Their appreciations were a visible joy I will always remember.

Sadness, Man

Incontinence – A Health Care Concern

One area of health affecting thousands of people, involves the delicate condition of urinary incontinence and its personal hygiene management. It is a condition affecting the elderly more than youth. Treatment and management of involuntary body waste is an ongoing concern for many people. There are two types of incontinence. One involves liquid excretion known as urinary/urine incontinence. The other relates to solid waste elimination named bowel or fecal matter incontinence. As a home health nurse, I nursed many patients, elderly and young with both forms of incontinence in addition to their other health care needs. The embarrassment from an experience of bowel or urinary incontinence in public is too humiliating to speak on. A suitable and appropriate resolution is possible and together, we would identify one. I assured them. Satisfactory management plans were presented for both comfort and assurance. Patients were happy they could venture into public areas without concern or anxiety for their appearance.

The statistical information on urinary incontinence in the United States alone is staggering. I am a statistic of senior women living with stress incontinence. This condition prompted me to identify methods and products for personal and satisfactory control.

Knowledgeable People Are Empowered

The purpose for this website is to present general, useful information acting as a framework for management ideas, products and suggestions for treatment of urinary incontinence for adults of all ages. My desire is for you to become knowledgeable on urinary incontinence, a condition present in societies all over the world. The awareness of facts, may aid you to assist loved ones and other people you care for whom live with this condition daily.

Please leave any questions or concerns you may have. I will be more than happy to offer suggestions and/or referral information.

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  1. Hi Lovetta!
    I think this website will help many people looking for answers to their urinary incontinence issues. It’s especially helpful coming from a Registered Nurse!

    • Hi Jeanne,
      I just found your response. Thank you for comments. I appreciate your time communicating with me. Best wishes for your success.

  2. Great platform for creating a safe space for conversations about sensitive health issues. I look forward to reading more.

    • Hi Elaine,
      Too often our elderly population who live alone may feel forgotten or hopeless in managing their health situation. My hope & intention is for an exchange of meaningful dialogue, support and encouragement for people who live with aging ailments. Thank you for your comments.

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